Trinidad Vigia Cigar已到EVER CIGAR SHOP(旺角及銅鑼灣)!!

Trinidad Vigia Cigar(特立尼达埃尔维格雪茄)已到EVER CIGAR SHOP(旺角及銅鑼灣)!!

Trinidad Vigia Cigar(特立尼达埃尔维格雪茄),本日(22-05-2015)起,只EVER CIGAR會員優先試煙(請非會員者於6月中旬以後,再來品嘗!!) 查詢:25675767



About this cigar:

The Vigia is the latest vitola to be introduced into Trinidad brand. With a 54 ring gauge and 110 mm, this is a Torres size. As with all Trinidad’s, we find the familiar pig tail capping off a smooth golden wrapper. Creamy and leathery, this is a cigars for all to enjoy.

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